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Want to turn waste into value? Complete this 3-Step Audit Process to gain a better understanding of your waste stream and provide some insight into your available options for reducing cost and reusing waste. To determine your optimal solution get the worksheet.


At Wessuc, we’re all about improving soil and protecting water. We proudly lead the way in environmentally responsible solutions, turning waste into value.

Whether you’re a grower, a product-oriented company, or represent a municipality, we have the latest in technology, processes, and methods of reducing and re-using waste. We always take that extra step and never sacrifice quality because we care about what we do.

Enter the area that best matches your business and learn why more and more businesses are turning to Wessuc to solve their waste issues.

Environmental Solutions to Waste Related Problems

Whether you’re a farmer, a grower, or a product-oriented company, Wessuc has the expertise, technology, and resources to solve a wide range of waste related problems.