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Spot Repair

Spot Repair

Spot repair or point repair lining is a resin and patch system that adheres to the inside of a pipe to fix structural defects and prevent further damage to pipe. This restores a pipes functionality without the need for excavation, offering a non-intrusive, environmentally friendly solution. At Wessuc, we use a UV Light Cured In Place Pipe system which uses UV light to cure the resin. The UV CIPP System has a cure time of 8 minutes.

A spot repair is used when the integrity of a pipe is compromised by a defect. Applying a spot repair will increase the longevity of a pipe and lower its risk of failure. Spot repair goes hand in hand with cutting and grouting.

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Pipe Defects Include:

  • Ingress of soil and debris
  • Defective pipe connections
  • Cracks of pipes
  • Hole
  • Break
  • Lateral blockage
  • Infiltration
  • Roots
  • H2S corrosion

What's in it for you?

At Wessuc, we put the comfort of your community first through our non-intrusive repair method. With UV liners that cure in only 8 minutes, our spot repair team can complete the repair quickly. Hours faster than other CIPP liners.

Speed isn't the only benefit, spot repair is also a reliable fix, maintaining the integrity of your pipes for 50+ years.