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Grouting & Cutting

Grouting is preventative maintenance which can protect sewers from further infiltration, water level sags, holes, sink holes and more.

What is Grouting?

At Wessuc, we put the comfort of your community first through our non-intrusive repair method. With UV liners that cure in only 8 minutes, our spot repair team can complete the repair quickly. Hours faster than other CIPP liners.

Grouting Variables

The application of the grout depends on where the infiltration is coming from. Our grouting unit repairs leaks in laterals, mainline and manhole leaks with the ability to fix pipes up to 600mm in diameter. If roots are evident in a pipe then grouting may be needed.

When to Grout

Water infiltration reduces the wastewater system capacity for treating sewage, by processing unwanted ground water instead. Preventing infiltration reduces the plant loading and effluent discharge volume.

Lining, grouting and spot repair go hand in hand. Each play a role in reducing or eliminating infiltration. Before a repair can be done, the issue needs to be identifies, and the pipe needs to be cleaned. After a liner is installed and laterals are cut out or ‘reinstated’, grouting of that annular space also needs to be completed.

The Process

  1. 1. During the cleaning and inspection of the lines defects are identified for review and repair.
  2. 2. The client is provided the data and videos highlighting the deficiencies.
  3. 3. Repairs are scheduled and completed.
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