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Turning Organic Waste Into Value: A Free Download to Determine the Optimal Solution for your Business

NEWS RELEASE – Brantford, Ontario

Wessuc, a leader in waste stream solutions, is pleased to introduce the Turning Organic Waste into Value Download. The free 10-page guide is a three step self-audit process to help determine the optimal solution for your business. This worksheet can be used to gain a better understanding of your waste stream and provide some insight into available options.

The Turning Organic Waste into Value download highlights a variety of factors and considerations that are crucial to a waste stream audit that you may not have thought about when searching for a solution including:

  • Benefits of a waste stream audit
  • Best practices when conducting an audit
  • How to interpret your waste stream based on sources and characteristics
  • How to determine which solution is best for you

Turning Organic Waste into Value is a waste stream audit process that allows you to identify opportunities for diverting waste streams away from the landfill and toward recycling or composting.

“The Turning Organic Waste into Value Audit was developed because there are so many factors to consider when dealing with waste and many people don’t realize the full extent of their options. A waste stream audit allows you to organize all factors into an easy to follow worksheet that makes deciding on a solution easier.” Said Hank VanVeen Vice President of Wessuc Inc., “We focus on turning your waste into value so you can focus on your business.”

Those interested in the three step self-audit process can downloadTurning Organic Waste into Value worksheet for free on the Turning Organic Waste into Value download page. Those interested in reviewing their audit with one of Wessuc’s experts and ask questions about a custom solution can contact them here or by emailing [email protected].

“The team at Wessuc is passionate about turning organic waste into value to ensure a greener and environmentally safe place to live and work. We wanted to develop the concept of turning organic waste into value into a download to help people recognize all of the options available for their waste besides a landfill.” said Phil Cron, Director of Sales at Wessuc. “We constantly strive to lead the industry in focusing on waste as a value and a solution that benefits your business and the environment.”

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