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Pipe Inspection and Spot Repair

Non-invasive pipe inspection can save you headaches and cash in the long run. 

Why inspect?

Inspecting your infrastructure can maximize your system performance and prevent erosion.

When is it time to inspect?

Oftentimes, CCTV will be part of a regular maintenance plan or schedule for a municipality. Developers may be interested in inspections before developing new subdivisions. Manufacturing facilities that suspect changes in their infrastructure may also want to look into a CCTV inspection. 

What is required before getting started?

Ideally, maps of the infrastructure can help our teams know what areas may require attention. For municipalities, knowing the type of access, upstream or downstream manhole, and if there is a GIS system (Geographic Information System Map).

What are the steps?

Pipe inspection using CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). The best way to view what’s happening underground or in your system is using CCTV. This is a simple process, where a camera is attached to a mobile controlled robot small enough to travel through pipelines, giving a very clear view of what’s happening. 

These units can detect even the most fine imperfections, providing detailed reports to the municipality or owner of the damage done, if any. This could prove that there is attention needed right away, or that pipes are in efficient working order and no further action is needed at the time.

However, in the event there is presence of damage, whether it be cracks or larger issues, Wessuc’s method of grouting and spot repair often means no digging is required. 

Now that the area of concern has been identified, through main sewer access, Wessuc’s grouting material can be transferred through the pipe system and injected in place. 

Cutting, Reaming, Grouting.

Once the area of concern has been identified via CCTV, the next step is to perform cutting or reaming of the interior of the pipe - removing any imperfections, roots that have infiltrated the system, hardened calcite and more. This is a small cutting tool powered by compressed air, and is designed to not cause any damage to the pipe or infrastructure. Then grouting material is inserted into any cracks. Think of this step as sanding a piece of furniture before painting, and grouting is your wood filler to fill imperfections. 

Spot Repair

The types of structural defects a resin patch spot repair could be used for include: fractures, breaks, cracks, holes and more. By patching the pipe with a resin, you can help increase the life of the pipe, and lower the risk of failure. 

Spot Repair can eliminate your need for pipe replacement. This non-invasive method means your neighbours may see Wessuc trucks on their street for a day or two, but they won’t be dealing with major construction to their roads, driveways and more. Spot repair uses a resin that can be patched in the exact location of cracks or imperfections in the pipes. The install is done through sewer line access and cured in place. 

So how is it done?

Imagine a cylindrical balloon. Wrapped with a resin and transferred through the inside of a pipe to the imperfection. The balloon then gets inflated, and the resin is cured to the inside of the pipe using a UV light. Once cured, (which takes on average 5-20 minutes) the finished product is equivalent in strength to a PVC pipe. 

To ensure proper repair has been successful, Wessuc completes the repair by using the CCTV method and inspecting the finished job; reports will clearly show the location of repair, often times, the before and after are fascinating.

Imagine you left a tap in your house running non-stop, over some time water would accumulate, overflow and soak into your flooring, furniture anything that surrounded the water source. The resin acts as a seal, stopping that water from soaking through or infiltrating your pipes, preventing unwanted water from leaking in, causing expansion, cracking, erosion and more expensive damage to your infrastructure.

Have questions about our CCTV, reaming, cutting, grouting or spot repair methods? Reach out to our regional sales managers today for more in-depth information, types of reports provided, case studies of project Wessuc has worked on and more. 

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