Wessuc Technology

We’re not one to sit back and keep doing things the same old way just because new ways don’t exist. Instead, we invent them ourselves. Here are a few examples of how we continue to lead the way in waste solution technology.

The world's first flow-controlled dragline system

We couldn’t accept that variable rate application was accomplished by restricting the flow through the applicator. It was a horribly inefficient method especially for large volumes. Instead, we developed a unique way of controlling the tractor speed rather than limiting the flow rate. Our method sends flow meter data to a GPS unit which adjusts the speed of the tractor to achieve the required flow and application rates. This information can be passed on to the grower to provide yield monitoring and nutrient application comparisons.

Exclusive Rotary drum dewatering technology

Wessuc’s revolutionary rotary drum cleans large tanks in half the time of traditional dewatering units.  Its unique construction eliminates material bypassing the system ensuring all plastics, rags, grit and hair balls and other solids that build up in tanks are captured. Sludge is mixed with a polymer and pumped into the drum where it separates the solids and liquid. The water permeates from the dewatering unit through the small slits in the drum resulting in effective dewatering and volume reduction of the contained material. After the final cycle of filling, the retained materials will continue to consolidate by desiccation which is aided by the tumbling of the material as the drum rotates. This process can continue until the desired dryness is achieved.

Mobile Screening Service

Our mobile screening units have a variety of screening capabilities that can be used to remove all physical impurities during the cleaning process. This process ensures that large hair balls, rags, plastics and even grit are separated and removed. It ensures that material going to land or returning to the plant is clean and environmentally responsible.

This mobile screening unit is completely self-powered, pumps 600 to 800 gallons per minute, and results in ¼ inch debris separation and compaction for efficient disposal.

Depending on how fine of a separation you require, we have other screening and solids removal options available, removing solids as small as .5 micron in size if required.

Over head loading pipes

By customizing mobile units with top loading capability, Wessuc reduces loading times, eliminates the need to climb on trailers, improves overall safety, and decreases the chance of spillage.

Pumping units

Our pumper units can be operated from 200 meters to 1.5 km in distance to the tractor. With a storage tank capacity of 43 cubic meters and a capability to pump between 900 and 1000 imperial gallons per minute, they can feed our tractors with a steady flow of material. At the same time, Wessuc tractors use our own variable tractor speed system that reacts to any changes coming in through the hose. This ensures consistent material delivery to the fields.

Dual Vac system

Larger projects often require additional time to  complete. Through the use of our custom designed, dual vacuum system, we can maintain continuous suction from start to finish of a project. Downtime is reduced by 50 per cent allowing this unique Wessuc system to take half the time to clean a large tank.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

To reduce our fuel consumption, increase our horsepower and torque output, and reduce emissions, Wessuc trucks use a system that adds hydrogen into the engines’ fuel source. By providing a more complete burn, it also results in increased engine life, decreased engine maintenance and pollution control maintenance, and lower residual hydrocarbons in the engine or in the exhaust.