Waste Solutions

Wessuc | Waste Solutions

At Wessuc, we put the environment first because we care about our land and groundwater. It’s the way we do business and the reason why our customers keep coming back.

We lead the way in providing waste solutions that will benefit the environment in a healthy, safe, and responsible manner. Everything that we do is directed at improving our environment through thoughtful, innovative processes and techniques. Most of all, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continually look for and find exciting, new waste solutions.

Our land application program is an excellent example of our green approach to growing crops. Instead of chemical fertilizers, we promote the beneficial use of scientifically proven biosolids. It not only helps growers be more environmentally responsible but it reduces the amount of waste by-products going to the landfill.

To keep ahead of the environmental curve, we’re early adapters of the latest technology. One of these advanced approaches includes the use of GPS mapping to provide a record of the site volume, weather conditions, timing, application rate, injection depth, and site topography. No stone is left unturned when developing an application plan that’s safe and environmentally sound. Our licensed technicians make sure of that.

For companies who pay surcharges on the waste going through municipal and regional systems, our waste reduction processes and techniques turn waste into value. They not only transform waste into useable residuals but they also cut back on its flow into the system and save on unnecessary surcharges. It’s a win-win for both the environment and the company.