Public Sector Services

Wessuc provides a wide range of services for the public sector, all tailored to the unique requirements of the situation, client, and facility. These range from waste management, to clean out and inspection services. Wessuc has extensive experience managing organic waste and providing clean-out and inspection services for municipalities throughout Ontario. We presently manage over 400,000 cubic metres of waste per year.

Creating value through beneficial waste use

Over the past seventeen years, our focus has been on developing beneficial waste use programs for our clients, helping them turn their waste into value. Wessuc is dedicated to the beneficial use of organic residuals in an environmentally responsible manner. This dedication shows itself in all aspects of our operations, and can be seen from our approach to beneficial use alternatives, our customized equipment, and employee training.

Wessuc’s clean out and inspection services compliment our dedication to our beneficial waste programs. They are directly related to the maintenance and evaluation of the infrastructure required for waste management.

Typically our clean out and inspection services are needed:

  • to remove solids build up in facility tanks affecting processing capacity;
  • to provide access to the tank for inspection or repair;
  • to upgrade facility process capabilities.

Our trained staff are available to evaluate and assist with your project needs.


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