Private Sector Services

Wessuc provides a wide range of services for the private sector including both industrial and agricultural clients. These range from waste management, to clean-out or inspection services. Wessuc brings a simple solutions based approach to each project. Projects are evaluated, alternatives reviewed, and solutions put forward for consideration with an emphasis on cost efficiency. Recognizing not every project fits within our scope of expertise, we are upfront when we cannot provide a solution to your needs.

Often our waste management clients have issues with one of the following:

  • Finding a facility for disposal of waste;
  • Reducing the cost of waste disposal;
  • Improving their environmental footprint and looking to reduce or reuse waste.

Additionally for clients with clean out and inspection needs, we provide trained staff for the cleaning of your pipe, tank, pit, or lagoon. Safety is the highest priority for any confined space project with each project evaluated to ensure safe completion. Often these projects are done for the following purpose:

  • Remove unwanted debris affecting tank efficiency;
  • Provide a clean interior for tank maintenance or repairs;
  • Inspect the condition of a tank or pipe for future infrastructure planning or ensure compliance.


Wessuc can turn your waste into value.

Over the past seventeen years, our focus has been on developing beneficial waste use programs for our clients, helping them turn their waste into value. Wessuc is dedicated to the beneficial use of organic residuals in an environmentally responsible manner. This dedication shows itself in all aspects of our operations, and can be seen from our approach to beneficial use alternatives, our customized equipment, and employee training.

Industries we serve:


Food & Beverage:

Food and beverage waste can be beneficially used in a number of ways, which eliminates the need for landfill disposal and turns your waste into value.

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Heavy Industry:

Whether it is cleaning the press well of a lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway, removal of slag from a furnace, or removal of ash from an incinerator, Wessuc’s staff have the expertise to get your facility back in operation as quickly as possible..

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