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like so many today we are looking at ways that can use our abilities to help mitigate the spread of the covid-19 virus. at wessuc we have the unique ability to use our equipment to powerwash large and small areas and sanitize them, quickly and efficiently. 

In researching COVID-19 it was discovered that the virus is considered an enveloped virus. This refers to the fact that the virus has a lipid or fat enveloping it that allows it to survive on some hard surfaces for days depending on  conditions. There are many methods used to sanitize and clean areas that people are frequently using. Bleach is the most commonly used product to sanitize surfaces. The use of bleach comes with its own concerns. Bleach does cause corrosion on metals and can be harmful to the environment and the user if proper precautions are not taken. Bleach also is only truly effective on surfaces that have been cleaned of grease and dirt. The use of a surfactant cleaner is recommended to clean soiled surfaces and control the spread of the virus. After initial cleaning, the surface can be maintained by use of a sanitizing spray. The following is the process we would employ to cleanand maintain your different areas.


Stage 1 - Initial Cleaning/Degreasing/Sanitizing
  1. A two person Crew will be sent out to do an initial clean of surfaces.
  2. The area will be sprayed down with a concentration of a germicidal cleaner degreaser.
  3. After application of the germinal cleaner degreaser the area will be sprayed down by use of a pressure washer system. This will remove all dirt and grime and leave the area/surface sanitized.
  4. This process should be done as needed if the surface gets soiled with heavy debris.


Stage 2 - Maintaining Sanitization
  1. A one person crew will travel to all sites that have been cleaned. The very next day! 
  2. A sanitizing spray will be applied to the surfaces that were previously cleaned.
  3. The sanitizing spray will be left to dry on the surface.
  4. This application should be done daily for maximum protection.

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