Land Application

Wessuc | Land Application

More and more agricultural operations are turning to the use of biosolids and other soil amendments in place of commercial fertilizers. At Wessuc, our beneficial reuse programs continue to be very effective and most beneficial for crops and the land that they’re grown on. That’s because we work with growers to optimize their nutrient management plans and ongoing crop rotation. We can enhance farm data management by adding in our own data to increase the effectiveness of your operation.

Biosolids not only provide essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus for healthier plant growth but they also contain micro nutrients that enhance the growth process and help increase crop yields. They also add organic matter, increase moisture retention, and reduce soil erosion.

Biosolids continue to be safe to use. All scientific evidence by government scientists, health experts, and agronomists demonstrate this.

In addition to required approvals, we also provide haulage, conduct soil testing, and take manure samples. We really are a one-stop resource when it comes to land application. For more on that power of biosolids, see our case studies and testimonials.