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Wessuc takes the headache out of the process for you. Click here for a list of approved materials and Why Wessuc is the choice for so many waste management solutions.

The Wessuc NASM team works with local farmers and their schedules for applying approved materials to land. Our field operators are OMAFRA trained and certified.

Wessuc is your one-stop-shop-for-slop. That's why so many of our customers use us for the complete process from approvals to movement of materials. Let us take a load off with our fleet of tanks.

Correct nutrient management programs and fertilizer blends for the best rate of return are an integral part of the process. That's why Wessuc provides many soil sampling techniques.

What is a sludge judge? It's a tool used to sample the materials in a lagoon and also the depth of the sludge - determining when its time for a clean out. Click here to see how it's done.

Why choose Wessuc for storage? We are proud to announce we have just increased our storage capacity - which means we won't run out of space for your storage needs, whether we're your first stop, or your back up plan.


Still have more questions on lagoon clean outs and maintenance? Check out our FAQ section for more information.


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