Coring & Hydro-Vac Services

Wessuc is committed to infrastructure maintenance as a key component of environmental protection. Our goal is to surpass expectations, providing superior hydro-vac and coring services.


When delicate subsurface work needs to be performed, or when an open excavation is not possible, coring provides a time- and cost-efficient alternative to traditional digging. Our keyhole coring process provides safe and quick access to underground utilities and enables localized excavation.

Wessuc is equipped with hole plates that will cover the cored hole so it can be immediately driven over until the core can be reinstated. After only 30 minutes, the reinstated core can be driven on, reducing traffic disruption.

Wessuc’s coring units can be deployed in tight and/or restricted work sites, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications.


To complement the coring service, Wessuc provides hydro-vac excavation services across Ontario. Hydrovac excavation uses a combination of wet/dry trucks and high-pressure air/water to break up soil, and then vacuums the resulting mixture away. It is used when underground utilities or wires make traditional digging dangerous or unfeasible.

Applications for Hydro-vac and coring services:

  • Sub-surface utility engineering
  • Exposing underground utilities
  • Pole holes
  • Daylighting
  • Much more