Confined Space Entry

Wessuc | Confined Space Entry

From storage tanks to digesters, silos, sewers, wells, access shafts, and more, these confined spaces are not typically meant for people to be inside and often have restricted access. Dangers include lack of oxygen, compromised air quality, dangerous gases, fumes, or vapours, exposure to solids and liquids, potentially harmful temperatures, and risk of a fire.

Wessuc crew members are specially trained to work in confined spaces and know how to identify the hazards involved. They plan out entry to every confined space so there are no surprises. It’s safety first and they are ready to react to unforeseen circumstances. They also make sure that they are outfitted with the proper personal protection equipment.

Workers who are not properly trained in the dangers and hazards of confined spaces should never be allowed to work in these situations. Instead, avoid possible injuries and fatalities by bringing in Wessuc professionals. It’s what we do.