Lagoon Dewatering & Land Application Case Study- Port Perry

Project- Highlights

Wessuc was awarded a 3-year contract with the Region of Durham to manage the cleaning of three lagoons at the Nonquon treatment facility just outside of Port Perry.

Solution- Highlights

Wessuc was hired for the removal and utilization on agricultural land and/or the removal and alternate disposal of the sludge, sediment and weed growth. Wessuc proposed a unique solution with the use of geo-textile bags to dewater over 75,000 m3 over the 3 year period.

Technical Performance- Highlights

Wessuc pumped over 800 gallons per minute through the geo-textile dewatering bags.

Land Application- Highlights

Later in the fall the biosolids were removed from the site, and taken to licensed agricultural sites for beneficial use. In the end, the Region of Durham received a biosolids management award for the use of this innovative technology.

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