Biosolids Case Study- Brant County

Project- Highlights

In the summer of 2012 after wheat harvest, Wessuc injected liquid biosolids in the South East corner of a farm located in Brant County Ontario.

Process- Highlights

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to apply the entire usable area. While it was disappointing to leave areas of the field without biosolids it provided the opportunity to collect crop response comparison data. Using Google Earth imagery and yield monitoring data of the biosolids injected vs. the farmer’s attempt to match the fertility levels of those biosolids commercially we were able to track the crop yield response.

Outcome- Highlights

The area where biosolids were applied showed a significantly positive yield response compared to the areas that received other amendments.

Economic Advantages- Highlights

The farmer ultimately experienced an increase in profits by using biosolids vs. commercially available amendments.

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Lagoon Dewatering & Land Application Case Study- Port Perry

Project- Highlights

Wessuc was awarded a 3-year contract with the Region of Durham to manage the cleaning of three lagoons at the Nonquon treatment facility just outside of Port Perry.

Solution- Highlights

Wessuc was hired for the removal and utilization on agricultural land and/or the removal and alternate disposal of the sludge, sediment and weed growth. Wessuc proposed a unique solution with the use of geo-textile bags to dewater over 75,000 m3 over the 3 year period.

Technical Performance- Highlights

Wessuc pumped over 800 gallons per minute through the geo-textile dewatering bags.

Land Application- Highlights

Later in the fall the biosolids were removed from the site, and taken to licensed agricultural sites for beneficial use. In the end, the Region of Durham received a biosolids management award for the use of this innovative technology.

Download the Port Perry Case Study

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