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Biosolids spreading on wheat stuble

Making Use of Poop: A History of Fertilizer

As technology allows us to understand the needs of our crops at a scientific level, fertilizers have been increasingly used to improve plant growth and yield. This was first introduced in Ancient times in the very earliest days of agriculture.

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Flagging setbacks in a field

Are Biosolids Threatening our Groundwater Supply?

Groundwater: Water that is found underground, moving slowly through the spaces between rocks, soil and sand.  It is used for drinking water, irrigation to grow crops, as well as being an important source of recharge for lakes, rivers and wetlands.

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Cleaning of a lagoon

Ontario is Taking Responsibility for Biosolids Management

Biosolids use in Ontario is one of the most highly supervised farming activities to ensure the safety of our land and our health.  Here is an overview listing all of the ways the Ontario government ensures that our farms are safe and that biosolids use is managed properly.

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Spreading solid biosolids

Biosolids are safe, and here’s why!

Biosolids have been used on farm land for hundreds of years, and they have been a controversial topic since the beginning.  Like any fertilizer, or other nutrient supplement, there are risks involved with using biosolids on our crops.  These risks are reduced through science based legislation and monitoring, which control the use of biosolids, ensuring that they are safe for the environment, our crops and our health.

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Liquid land application of biosolids

Biosolids: It may be on a field near you, but have you heard of it?

The agricultural community is always looking for ways to include more efficient, economical and environmental practices in their farming routines. An important practice for any farm to consider, and for us eco-friendly folks to support, is the use of biosolids land applications.

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