Wet Well Maintenance and Design: What you need to know

It seems new subdivisions continue to pop up throughout southern Ontario.  As the population continues to increase, and before more homes are built, additional water and sewer infrastructure is required to ensure basic services can be provided. This includes sewage systems.

For sewage systems, Pumping stations are available in a variety of designs, with a plethora of options, to address specific needs. Smaller stations typically have only a wet well while large stations are often built with both a wet and dry well. Proper planning ensures the station is designed not only for immediate needs but in consideration of future growth.

Take a look at this article to discover some of the options available in station design.

Remember pumping station design can have a major impact on the maintenance and overall lifecycle cost of a sewage system. Once the pumping station has been designed and built you must keep in mind the maintenance of the system as well. Wet well’s especially have a complex configuration system that with poor design can be costly in wastewater management and septic issues. Whether you are designing a pumping station or already have one, it is important you have solutions ready and are prepared for wet well maintenance costs.

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