New Ontario Regulations for Hydro Excavators

Looking to purchase a new Hydro Excavator this year?

New regulations came into effect in Ontario as of July 2017 which have changed how and what can be used on Ontario roads, along with who can operate the units.

Often equipment is purchased outside of Ontario. Be sure whomever you purchase from is aware of the following:

  1. Hydro-vac units are now defined as commercial motor vehicles, they need to be operated under a CVOR.
  2. As commercial motor vehicles pay attention to the driver licensing requirements for the type and weight class of the vehicle.
  3. Annual and daily safety inspections are now required.
  4. Existing equipment may need to be reclassified under your existing insurance policy to ensure coverage.
  5. Operators are restricted to working within the Hour-of-Service requirements and may be required to maintain a log book.

For more details and the rest of the regulations on Hydro-vac units and Road-Building Machines check out this article by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

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