How Do I Know if My Tanks and Confined Spaces are Clean?

Proper cleaning of storage and processing tanks is essential for efficient and safe operation. Over time, these tanks can get clogged up with dirt and debris, thereby decreasing the volume that the tank can hold and causing mechanisms such as pumps and heat exchangers to work harder and less efficiently. Similarly, lagoons also require regular cleaning to ensure they too remain efficient.

The question then, is how do you know your tanks and confined spaces are actually getting clean? Essentially it comes down to experienced personnel and the right technology.

Technology to get the job done right

To ensure that tanks are properly cleaned, you need to work with an industrial tank cleaning service that has the proper technology. At Wessuc, we have the technology to work with both municipal and industrial clients.

Using a dual vacuum system, we are able to maintain continuous suction. This allows the tank to drain faster meaning that it can get back into operation sooner. Using our unique dewatering unit, we can rid tanks and other confined spaces of a variety of sludges including those generated by chemical processing, wastewater treatment and various types of manufacturing. This can be done on site using very little energy.

The system works by causing a vacuum to form inside the tank. The liquid is pulled through a filter and a polymer may be added to the water to help with the separation of liquids and solids. The solids form a “cake” which is then removed from the drum with a blade.

Highly trained personnel

Of course, even the best technology is often limited by the expertise of those who use it. The job of tank cleaning has the potential to pose complex safety issues. Because of these facts, Wessuc uses only highly professional and well-trained tank cleaning crews.

Prior to their arrival, we conduct an investigation of the site to analyse any safety issues that may arise. This allows us to fully plan out the job before crews arrive on site.

Our crews have experience cleaning a wide variety of equipment and confined spaces including lagoons, water filters, water towers, aeration tanks, scum pits and more.

Other factors to consider

Meeting environmental regulations is also extremely important. In fact, many companies strive not just to meet regulations but to exceed them. At Wessuc, we work hard to ensure that these high standards are met.

Oftentimes, removed residuals can be beneficially used on farmland. But to ensure it is suitable, debris such as plastic, rags and hair must be removed. For this reason, we custom built a mobile screening unit which our cleaning crews use to physically screen sludge to remove this type of debris.

In other instances, we are treating wastewater that will eventually be returned to lakes, rivers and streams. This is done through a series of filtering stages, use of micro-organisms and disinfecting in order to make the water safe to reintroduce back into the environment.

If your company uses tanks or other types of confined spaces, having the right team and technology on your side for proper cleaning is essential. To learn more about our process, contact us today.

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